3 Ideas To Combine Materials To Give Your New Fence A Unique Custom Look

29 April 2016
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If you are planning on having a new fence installed, you may want to do something that looks a little different, which can include combining different materials. In addition to giving you more design options, using different materials can be a good way to control costs. You can use materials like chain link where aesthetics that may not be as important and wood, vinyl or masonry where you want to a more attractive design. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider for combining different materials with the installation of your new fence:

1. Using Chain Link For Long Stretches Of Fence That Are Not Visible

There are many cases where there may be long stretches of fencing that you need to have installed around your home, which can be costly with materials like wood or even more with masonry. Chain link fencing offers you a good solution to keep the costs down; by using it in areas where your fence may not be visible and premium materials are wasted.

2. Installing Wood Or Metal Gates For A More Attractive Fence Design

Wood can be a great material to use for your fence and makes a great option for gates, which you may want an entrance with a wood gate for the backyard of your home. Another option that you may want to consider is metal gates, which can add to the aesthetics and be a good solution for areas like driveway or parking entrances.

3. Using Masonry To Build At Half The Height And Finish The Top With Other Materials

Masonry is a material that is not often used with the installation of fences, but small masonry walls can be an attractive addition to the design of your fence. To create a more aesthetically pleasing look, you may want to do half height with masonry and finish the top of your fence with materials like wood or reed materials. This can keep the costs down and combine different materials. If you are adding a fence to the front of your home, this is a good solution to add privacy and security.

4. Vinyl And Other Synthetic Materials To Give Your Fence A Unique Durable Look

Vinyl and other synthetic materials can be another good choice if you want a custom fence design. Vinyl is a fencing material that comes in many different styles, and it is even available in masonry patterns. Another option you may want to consider is composite lumber, which can be used above a masonry wall or to create a wood fence with a unique look.

These are some ideas you may want to consider for the installation of a new fence. You can contact a fencing service and talk with them about the planning, budget and materials you want to use with your new fence. Contact a business, such as Hahn-AA Fencing, for more information.