Why You Don't Need to Build a Fence During the Summer

17 November 2020
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Have a desire to build a fence around your yard, but you don't think you can get it done during the winter? Don't wrongfully assume that you need to wait until the summer to build your fence. A fence can be installed at almost any time of the year, and summer may not be the best time to have it done for a few reasons.

Avoid Installation Wait Time

When it comes to the most popular time to build a fence, you may quickly realize that there are some very long wait times in the summer. That is because it is the time of year when everyone wants to build a fence because they are spending more time in their backyard, so you could be waiting weeks or months for the materials to come in and for an installation date to be free. You'll end up going half the summer waiting for the fence to be built, and you won't even get to enjoy the fence for the whole summer because of that. Don't put off building a fence that you want just because you think that the weather has to be warmer to get the job done.

Potentially Save on Material Costs

The higher demand for fencing material during the summer is also going to put a constraint on the supply chain for fencing materials at that time. The manufactures can only produce so much fencing material at once, which can lead to a delay in getting the materials for your fence. In addition, supply and demand are going to cause the cost of fencing material to increase as well. If you wait for the offseason to build your fence, you'll discover that materials are cheaper and they are in stock at all times. You definitely won't feel limited in the type of fence that you can buy because of material availability. 

Improve Landscaping Impact

One thing that you may not realize about building a fence in the winter is that your landscaping is going to be less impacted to build a fence. Trees are going to be dormant, your flower bed is going to be empty, and your lawn is going to be inactive. This will make the process much easier to work around your landscaping during the winter, when building a fence can disrupt things during the summer. If you have concerns about a fence impacting your beautiful landscaping, then have the fence built in the winter before you start doing all your planting.

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