The Truth Behind 2 Residential Fencing Myths Regarding Maintenance

21 April 2016
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A great way to make sure that your home is safe is by enclosing it with a fence. Not only does it keep intruders out, but it keeps your kids and pets inside so that they can't wander too far away from your home. You may have some misconceptions about fencing maintenance that are preventing you from moving forward with an installation. Once you know the truth behind these 2 maintenance myths, you may change your mind and have a fence installed.

Myth 1: An Automatic Gate System Requires A Lot Of Maintenance

If you want to enclose your front and backyard with a fence, you'll need a way to easily get in and out of your property or else it will be a huge hassle. An automatic gate system is a great solution, but a misconception about it is that they require a lot of maintenance over the years to keep it up and running.

The truth is that an automatic gate is no more complicated than a garage door opener. You will need to do basic maintenance such as oiling moving parts, but the gate shouldn't need much more attention than that. Do keep in mind that anything with moving parts can break down, but you can call a professional to fix the gate when that happens.

Myth 2: Wood Fencing Doesn't Require Much Maintenance

One of the most common fencing materials that you will see is wood, and you may think it is the type of material that you install and forget about. While you don't need to do maintenance very often, when you do, it can be a lot of work. If you stain the wood, it will eventually need to be sanded and stained to maintain its color due to fading over the years. The material also needs to be sealed to prevent an infestation of insects and water damage.

If you want a material that is maintenance free, consider vinyl fencing. The most you'll have to do is clean the fencing material when it gets dirty, which is as simple as spraying it down with your garden hose. Vinyl won't rot, deteriorate, or fade in the same way that wood does, making it an ideal choice for those that homeowners that don't want the hassle.

Is a fence starting to sound good? Get in touch with a fencing contractor that can give you an estimate of how much it will cost to have installed.