Three Attractive Ways To Use A Low Picket Fence In Your Landscape Design

21 April 2016
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Most people think of fences as a source of privacy and security, but fences can also be used for decorative purposes. Low picket fences, in particular, can add a homey, inviting look to your yard. Here's a look at three fun ways to use these fences in your landscape design.

Lining the driveway.

Placing a low picket fence along both sides of your driveway helps separate your driveway visually from the rest of your yard. As guests pull in, they will feel like they're driving down a quaint country road as they see the fence on both sides. Place the fence about 2 feet to the outside of your driveway so that you have space to sweep off your driveway and trim under the fence easily. If you want to add a little color to the scene, you can plant a few flowers in a row directly under the picket fence.  A white picket fence looks lovely in these circumstances, since white directly contrasts the black pavement of a driveway. But you could certainly use a stained wood or black-painted fence if you prefer.

Surrounding the grill area.

If you grill often, why not designate a specific area of your yard for grilling? Section it off by surrounding it with a low picket fence. A rustic, stained wood fence works well here since it has an outdoorsy look that pairs well with the grilling theme. Inside the fence, have a concrete pad poured. You can set the grill and perhaps a prep table on this concrete pad. Set up some chairs and a picnic table, and plant some bushes in the corners of the fenced-in area. Whenever you invite friends over to grill, they'll be impressed by your pristine grilling nook.

Lining your front yard.

Does your front yard need a little extra pizazz? Run two sections of low picket fence – one on either side of the walkway to your front door – directly across the very front of your property. You can plant some flowers beneath the fence to add some more character, or you can connect the two sections with a cute gate across the walkway.  Make sure this fence is very low (about 2 feet is ideal) so that it does not block the view of your home.

A low picket fence can add so much character to your landscape. To learn more about your options, speak with a fencing company in your area.