4 Reasons Why Wooden Fences Can't Be Beat

22 April 2016
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If you have walked into a home improvement store lately, you have probably noticed that there seem to be more synthetic materials like vinyl, fiber, plastic and fiberglass. These are all fine materials, but they don't offer the classic look and feel of wooden fences. You can still find a wide range of wooden fence products if you buy directly from a fence specialist. While these synthetic product might be easier to maintain than wood, this article will explain why you should still consider wooden fences.

Wood is Classic

Wood has a traditional style that cannot be matched. In fact, most synthetic materials are made to look like real wood. They have fake textures that try to replicate the grain and knots in real wood. However, these never look as good as the real thing. It should also be noted that wood looks better next to grass lawns and landscaping. The sheen of synthetic materials often stands out next to the muted tones of shrubbery and trees. A wooden fence will blend in with your landscaping much better.

Wood is Strong

Wooden fences are made out of tempered wood. This wood is treated with heat to add strength, water resistance and overall durability. Wooden fences do require a little bit of TLC to maintain their stability. However, most fences only need to be refinished every 5 or 10 years. It largely depends on how much rainfall your fence is exposed to. Regardless of where you live, refinishing your fence is not a project that you need to worry about every summer.

Wood Can be Altered

When it does come time to refinish your fence, you can make the most of it by changing the color. You can paint your fence a solid color or with a clear stain. Refinishing wooden fences requires a fair bit of sanding and prep work. You cannot just get some new stain and brush it onto your fence. The project is time consuming, but it allows you to keep your fence up to date and coordinated with the colors on your home exterior. Re-staining or repainting synthetic materials is a much harder process.

Wood is Eco-Friendly

If you buy recycled wood fence products, you can rest assured that you have one of the most eco-friendly options. Many homeowners get great peace of mind from buying recycled wood.

Obviously, wooden fences are still very practical. If you want the classic look of a wooded fence, there is no need to compromise or invest in a less stylish product. Contact services like Phoenix Fence, Co. to learn more about your options.