Keep Your House Safe When You Lock Up

25 April 2016
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Each time you lock your house up, go to sleep or leave, you want to know that your home is as secure as possible. Every extra step you take to protect your home from an intruder is one more step toward knowing you have created a safer space for everyone in your household, and all of your belongings. Follow as many of these tips as possible to help better-secure your house:

Fence in the yard

When criminals are looking for a house to victimize, they will more than likely look for one that is going to be easy to get into, get out of and that doesn't have any extra hurdles they need to worry about. Putting up a fence can be a great way to leave them thinking twice about trying to get into your house, especially if you make it a point of keeping the gate locked at all times.

Even if you do put up a fence, it is still a good idea to keep bikes, tools and other items out of view, so you don't tempt them. If you go with a plywood fence, then you also have more privacy, which cuts down on your concerns about people peeping into your home.

Keep your garage shut and locked

While you may like leaving your garage open during the day, while you are in and out of it doing projects, this is actually a bad idea. If you are determined to keep the garage open, then you should have a screen installed that can be rolled down when the door is opened and helps prevent people from seeing inside. Also, when the garage door is shut, you may want to put a wire through the security lever on the top and secure it to the track, so it can't be easily opened from the outside by an experienced criminal.

Don't park your car in the driveway

Some criminals will actually watch a house for a while before breaking in, so they can learn the schedule of the people when reside in the house. When you park your car in the driveway every night, you are making it easier for someone to learn your schedule, and to know when you are not at home.

Now that you have a bit more of an idea on what it takes to keep your hoe safe, you can get started on creating a safer space for you and your family. Contact a business, such as Security Fence, for more information.