Comparing Wood And Chain Link Fencing

26 April 2016
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Wood and chain link fencing are two of the most common types of fences available on the market and for good reason.  They both provide a simple, clean aesthetic, and can stand up well to prolonged weather exposure. However, because they are made out of very different materials and have different structures, both wood and chain link fences have a number of distinctive advantages. Understanding the differences between these two popular types of fences can help you decide which one is best suited for your yard. 

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing provides a natural, rustic aesthetic to your yard. Wood fencing panels provide a great degree of privacy and security, and are physically very tough, which means that they can withstand physical damage very well. Furthermore, wood fences provide your yard with a degree of customization, as fence boards can be repainted or re-stained whenever you want to change up their appearance.

However, wooden fences come with a number of downsides. Firstly, they require more maintenance to stay clean when compared to chain link fences – they must be repainted or re-stained every few years to ensure that rot and mold growth do not set into the boards themselves. This increases your long term costs in both time and money. Furthermore, wood as a building material is fairly expensive (the exact price will depend on the type of wood used), and will generally cost you more than chain link fencing will.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are ideal for creating a physical barrier in your yard without disrupting the view. The wires used in chain link fences are small enough to allow you to see through the weave, but large enough to keep out animals and provide a solid barrier that can withstand whatever the weather may through at it. Furthermore, chain link fencing is extremely lightweight, which can expedite the installation process and save you both time and money. Finally, it's important to note that chain link fences are immune to pests and rotting, which both affect wooden fences.

However, chain link fencing does not provide the same level of security as wooden fences do, as the fence itself is fairly flimsy and can easily be knocked over or climbed. Chain link fencing is also not ideal for privacy, as they will not obscure the view of people looking into your yard. Additionally, chain link fencing does not provide the same level of aesthetic customization as wooden fences do, as they can't be painted or have their appearance changed to match the design of your yard or home. 

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