Want To Install A Wooden Fence? 4 Ways To Prevent It From Future Damage

26 April 2016
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With an average cost of $16 a foot for a wooden fence, you do not want to install one and then just hope it stays in great condition. Wooden fencing is not fragile, but it can sustain long-term damage without proper care. It is best to focus on preventive measures that help you maximize the fence's lifespan.

Pick a Highly Resistant Wood

One of the easiest ways to get a long-lasting fence is to start off with the right wood. Certain woods are just better for outdoor fencing, such as western red cedar, pressure treated pine, and tropical hardwoods. Starting off with one of these wood types will make it easier to maintain throughout the years. Not having to worry about pests or moisture puts an end to most of your typical worries for a wooden fence.

Avoid Installation Near Trees

Tree roots can cause a lot of damage to wooden fencing. If the roots end up growing underneath the fence, they could start to separate the soil from the posts and make them susceptible to breakage. It is best to avoid installing a fence where you would like to grow trees to avoid an inevitable problem. The most accurate way to keep this from being an issue is to research the trees that you currently have, figure out how far and deep the roots grow, and then adjust the distance of the fence to avoid root invasion.

Keep Dogs from Digging

If you have a dog that spends time in the backyard, you will want to protect your fence from digging. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can deal with this situation such as protecting the fence line with large rocks or incorporating chicken wire at the fence base to act as a deterrent. Digging can create weak spots in your wooden fence, and dogs trying to squeeze through can easily break a post.

Adjust Your Irrigation System

An irrigation system that constantly sprays water onto the wooden fence is not good for long-term health. The easiest solution is to avoid growing plants near the fence so that you do not have to water the area. However, you can also get a professional to carefully position sprinklers to avoid hitting the fence. If you do not like either of these options, you can always manually water this area for exact precision.

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