5 Reasons Vinyl Is A Great Option For You Next Fence

28 April 2016
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If you are considering a new fence for your property, you have multiple options from which to choose. The most traditional options are usually wood fencing or chain link fencing. People who desire privacy fencing often select wood fencing or chain-link fencing with vinyl slats. However, now there is another popular fencing material available called vinyl fencing. Here are a few advantages of vinyl fencing:  

Vinyl is available in multiple styles and colors.

With wood fencing, you have to paint the fence in order to change the color. In addition, repainting is required as the paint chips due to exposure to the weather.

With vinyl fencing, the product is available in many different colors and does not require painting. The vinyl planks are even available in styles that mimic the look of natural wood.

Vinyl plank colors can be matched to the colors of your home's exterior, or  a complementary color can be chosen.

Vinyl is easy to clean.

Unlike wood, which can absorb dirt and debris due to its porous nature, vinyl fencing can simply be sprayed clean. Just by using the sprayer of a water hose, you can restore the beauty of your vinyl fencing easily and quickly. Even if mildew grows on a vinyl fence, quickly spraying the fungus away can prevent if from staining the vinyl material.

Evan soiling from graffiti or other pranks can be cleaned from the shiny vinyl surface.  

Vinyl fencing is not prone to insect damage.

Wood fences can fall prey to termites, especially during the damp or rainy seasons. Vinyl fencing cannot be damaged by termites or other insects. Since vinyl is not a natural product, it does not serve as a food source for any animals or insects.

Vinyl does not rot.

Eventually, wood fencing can absorb water and start to rot. Vinyl fencing is rot and fungus-resistant. The material will not soften or degrade due to exposure to moisture.

A vinyl fence is fireproof.

Vinyl is not flammable, so it does not ignite in the presence of high temperatures.

Vinyl is a great option for fencing. If you are interested in having a vinyl fence installed on your property, schedule an appointment with a fencing contractor (such as Alpine Fencing & Supplies) in your area. After measuring the perimeter of the area that you wish to enclose and discussing your preferred aesthetic options, the contractor should be able to offer you a quote for your new fence.