3 Wood Features To Add To Chain Link Fencing For A More Attractive Appearance

29 April 2016
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Chain link fencing does not have to be a drab addition to your landscaping. It can actually be a very attractive fencing material with the right design. Including wood features is a great way to make plain chain link look a little more elegant. This can be done with adding features like posts, gates and trim around the fence using cedar or other attractive wood materials. Here are some ideas to help spruce up your chain link fencing with a few wood features:

1. Giving Chain Link Fence An Attractive Look With Wood Posts

Chain link fencing can often include grey metal posts that do little for the appearance of the fence, though sometimes they may have a plastic coating. To improve the look of your fence, install wood posts instead of the typical metal type used with chain link materials. For an existing fence, you can wrap the metal posts to give them a makeover with a wood façade, which can also be good for installing fence caps that include lighting.

2. Make Chain Link Gates Attractive With A Wood Façade

The gates of chain link fencing can be another area with an unattractive appearance, as well as providing little privacy for your backyard. If you want a more attractive look and privacy, give the chain link gate a wood façade. This is basically wood pickets that are installed on the chain link fencing. This actually better than a complete wood gate because the metal frame prevents the common problem of sagging that is associated with wooden gates. If you have a wood fence, you may even want to contact a chain link fencing contractor about installing a metal frame for your fence gates.

3. Give Your Chain Link An Attractive Look By Simply Attaching Lattice

There are also some simple improvements that you can do to your chain link fence yourself. This can include doing things like installing screens and covers. If you are trying to give your fence an attractive design that looks professional, consider covering the chain link with wooden lattice materials. You can also have a professional service, like York Fence, do this for you. Talk with them about boxing in the different sections of fence with a wood trim detail.

These are some wood fencing features that can help to give your chain link fencing a little more detail and a more attractive appearance. Contact a fence installation service to get help sprucing up your chain link fence.