Attractive Ideas For Mixing Fence Materials

29 April 2016
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A fence is a necessity for your yard. It keeps pets in and intruders out. A stylish fence also adds curb appeal to your home. Sometimes mixing fencing materials makes for the most attractive finished product. Choose a mixed media fence to add style to your yard while keeping your home secure.

Wrought Iron and Stone

One of the most classic combinations for a fence is wrought iron with stone posts. The majority of the fencing consists of wrought iron. You could choose the traditional ornate style complete with a bell curve and decorative finials on top. For such a formal fence, cut stone is an attractive complement. If you want your fence to look even more traditional, consider bricks instead of cut stone for the posts. For a more modern style, choose linear wrought iron and brick-cut stones.

Adobe and Wrought Iron

Another version of the above fence is mixing the wrought iron with adobe. This combination is very common in mission style and Mediterranean homes. In this case, the majority of the fence is often adobe. The wrought iron fencing serves as the accenting and provides additional security. For example, some Mission homes feature a low adobe fence topped by intricate wrought iron complete with finials for security. A beautiful addition to a Mediterranean style home is an elaborate wrought iron gate in the adobe fencing.

Wood and Adobe

Adobe also makes an attractive accent for wood fencing. For example, Home and Garden TV describes a backyard patio surrounded with a wooden lattice fence. The designer added a single adobe wall as part of the fencing to create a focal point for the space. Adobe can also serve as the foundational material for the garden gate of a wooden fence to lend it more weight.

Wrought Iron and Wood

A traditional privacy fence is often constructed of wooden slats. An update on this look is adding wrought iron. One option is to start with a wrought iron fence and insert wooden planks in the spaces. The result offers a complementary profile of wood and iron that happens to be very secure. Another option is to use wrought iron as the accenting. For example, accent a standard wooden fence with an elaborate gate constructed of hardwood and intricate wrought iron.

Wood and Plant Life

If you don't want to be so obvious in seeking privacy, consider matching wood with plant life. Start with a basic lattice, but add lavish plantings to create a living fence. Roses are a standard because they offer additional security with their thorns. However, other lush plants such as bougainvillea, ivy and lilac also provide privacy when combined with a wooden fence.

Mixing materials allows you to create a diverse and attractive fencing profile.