An Analysis Of Three Types Of Lift Gates

5 May 2016
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When you install a security fence around your yard, your choice of gate will either enhance or detract from the security provided by the rest of your fence. Any point of entry presents an opening that potential trespassers can exploit. As for the gate across your driveway, you basically have three options: pivoting lift gates, roll-away gates, and vertical lift gates. Each one will come with its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Pivoting Lift Gates

A pivoting lift gate will be anchored at one side to a lifting mechanism. At the other side, you will find a cradle that houses the free-side of the gate. The most common pivot gates consist of a bar that runs across your driveway. These bars add little in the way of aesthetics to your fence. You can also find full panel gates, which either feature a decorative panel to add aesthetics or a solid panel to add security and privacy. Because it is necessary to increase the size of the motor used to lift a full panel, you end up paying more for the full-panel version. They also have an inherent weakness in that if someone rams your fence, the cradled side of the gate can give way. 

Roll-Away Gates

A roll-away gate will have wheels at the top and bottom of the fence that run down a track. A motor pulls or pushes the gate down the track to open and close the gate. Because it is easier to roll a panel rather than lift it, roll-away gates present a more cost-effective option for featuring a full-panel gate in your design because you can save money by purchasing a smaller motor. These gates tend to be less secure than lift gates because they are not anchored as securely as a lift gate. 

Vertical Lift Gates

A vertical lift gate is anchored by tracks on either side of the gate opening. You will have a motor and pulley system located on both sides, which lifts it straight up. These gates can restrict the height of vehicles that can enter your property which can decrease convenience but improve security. Because of the need to run two motors, these gates tend to be the most expensive option. 

When you choose a gate for your fence, you need to consider both the visual impact that your gate will have, how it will affect the security of your property, the convenience of operating the gate, and how much money you have available to spend. For more information, contact Morris Fence Co or a similar company.