3 Problems That Plague Wood Fencing And How You Can Prevent Them

13 April 2018
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One of the most attractive materials to use for a new fence is wood. There are a lot of different choices of wood fencing materials, but all will need routine maintenance to prevent common problems like rot and other damage. You can do things like use groundcover at the base of fencing and clean it regularly to prevent many of these common problems. Here are some tips to help prevent some of the common problems that plague wood fencing materials.

1. Rot at Low Areas of The Fence and Using Ground Cover to Prevent It

Rot is a major problem that affects wood fencing, and it usually starts at the lowest areas of fences where water and dirt splash up. To prevent this problem from affecting your fence, it is a good idea to use ground cover at the base of your fence. If you want to use plants, there are many choices, but they will also need to be maintained to prevent damage to your fence. The base materials to use for ground cover are hardscaping features, such as gravel beds, pavers or finished concrete.

2. Routine Cleaning to Keep Grime Out of Wood Grains That Causes Fungus Growth

Routine cleaning of wood fencing is the best way to keep the fungus away. To ensure that your fence does not have a problem with fungus growth, it is best to clean your fence during the fall and spring months when conditions are perfect for fungus to start growing. Use a brush to scrub the grime and dirt out of the wood grains when you clean your fence, which is where fungus usually starts to grow.

3. Repairs and Maintenance to Inhibit Fungus and Rot of Wood Fencing Materials

When fungus does start to grow on wood fencing materials, it will eventually cause rot. Repairing the rot and damaged fencing materials will help to prevent fungus from spreading to the unaffected materials. In addition to the occasional repairs that wood fencing needs, you are also going to need to do maintenance like pressure washing, painting and sealing the wood materials to protect against weathering and wear. In shaded areas, use cleaning products and sealants that have a fungicide agent in them to prevent excess wear in these areas.

These are some tips that will help you prevent some of the common problems that affect wood fencing materials. If you need help with maintenance, repairs or installation of wood fencing, contact a commercial ornamental steel fencing contractor. Talk with them about installing ornamental commercial fencing if you do not want to deal with the maintenance and repairs that wood materials need.