Worried About Privacy When You Have Chain-Link Fencing? Follow These Tips

20 June 2018
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You may have originally bought your chain-link fence because it had minimal maintenance, was affordable, and was a sturdy fencing material that would last for many years to come. However, you may be wishing you had a fence that provided a bit more privacy to your backyard. This could either be from nosy neighbors that moved in, or the fact that you now have kids that play in your backyard. Here are some tips for adding privacy to existing chain-link fencing.

Privacy Slats

The easiest way to add privacy to your fence is with privacy slats. These are pieces of metal or vinyl that are no wider than the gaps of your chain-link fencing material. Anybody can add them to a fence on their own, since they are simply threaded through the fence by going over and under the metal links.

The great thing about privacy slats is how they come in so many different finishes and color — you'll be sure to find one that fits your home. Expect to pay between $6-$10 for privacy slat material, and to spend an afternoon installing it on your own.

Privacy Screens

An alternative to using slats is to install privacy screens. This is a mesh material made out of vinyl, and is attached directly to the fence. They block most of the wind, but be aware that there are holes in the material to allow air to pass through and not put too much pressure on the fence during storms. This will allow someone to peek into your yard if they are close enough, but from a distance, it does a good job at giving you privacy.

One advantage of using privacy screens is how easy they are to set up and take down. You may want to leave the screen up during the summer when you are frequently in your backyard, but take it down during the winter so it does not get dirty.


Another option is to use plants to cover your chain-link fencing material. This can take a while if you want a vine to grow across the entire fence, but you can also plant shrubs and trees in front of the fence that are large enough to immediately give privacy. Depending on how fast you want to see results, this can be a great option for privacy.

Speak with chain link contractors for more ideas on how to make chain-link fencing more private.