3 Helpful Tips When Setting Up Fencing For Breeding White-Tailed Deer

27 October 2018
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If you breed white-tailed deer on a regular basis, it's important to install fencing to properly enclose them in. You need to be careful with how these fences are constructed since these deer have exceptional jumping capabilities. You'll have success when you consider these tips. 

1. Layer Up

White-tailed deer have the remarkable ability to jump high into the air. They can also jump pretty far. However, they have trouble achieving both jumping feats at the same time. For this reason, you should consider layering up on your fencing to keep them fully contained.

Placing two sections of fencing that are several feet apart will make it nearly impossible for your deer to jump over and escape. If you really want a peace of mind and have the extra money, you might consider layering up three times over. 

2. Select a Fencing Material 

Today, you have several material options to select from for deer fencing. Some of the most popular include metal, polypropylene-mesh, and wood. Metal is one of the best options because of its durability. It will hold up in any weather element, and you won't have to spend a fortune on repairs that often.

Polypropylene-mesh is a better material if you're on a tight budget. Although it's not as durable, it doesn't stick out as much. This is ideal if you care about the aesthetics around your deer breeding facilities. Wood fencing is a more traditional material that is pretty affordable. It will require more maintenance, but it provides exceptional privacy for your deer stock.

3. Deer-Proof the Gate 

Once a fence is properly installed on your property for containing white-tailed deer, you need a way to access it. That's where a gate comes in handy. However, you want to ensure you're the only one capable of entering through this gate. This will require you to deer-proof it.

The gate should have some sort of locking mechanism that is structurally sound. It helps when this locking mechanism is made out of stainless steel. No matter how hard your deer push against the gate, the lock will remain intact and effectively keep the gate shut.

Breeding white-tailed deer can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. To ensure your assets are properly secured and protected, you need to take ample time deciding on white-tailed breeder pens. Think about important attributes and design schemes so that this fencing works great for years.