Are You Adding A Warehouse To Your Work Property?

29 September 2019
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In the past, have you been able to simply work out of an office, keeping extra supplies in a small shed or in a small storage area? Maybe your business has been so successful that you have had to add a warehouse to your work property. On one hand, that is just an example of how well you have done. On the other hand, maybe you are now worried about your work inventory being stolen. Even if you have excellent insurance, theft or vandalism could be a very serious thing, obviously.

Do you already have a plan for keeping the warehouse safe? If you do, then maybe you're already in the process of making that plan a reality. If you're still looking for ideas, from arranging for a commercial chain link fence to establishing the names of those who will have twenty-four access to the area, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Arrange For The Purchase Of A Commercial Chain Link Fence - This type of fence might not be as attractive as the wrought iron fence or the wooden fence you have around your home property, but it will more than likely be a lot more affordable.

Beauty isn't the main focus of your purchase anyway, right? What you want is a fence that will keep intruders outside of your property, and a chain link fence will for sure do that. Even though your main office might be tighter than a drum, consider including it in the fenced area, too. Wouldn't that give you additional peace of mind? 

No matter the size of the area you are fencing, and even if there are sloped parts to your property, the fencing company will be able to install the fence exactly as you want it. The contractor will have the experience and the training to do an excellent job. Be sure to keep documents, including warranties, that relate to the chain link installation in a safe place.

Choose Your People Carefully - Will there ever be times when the warehouse will need to be accessed late at night or after hours? For instance, maybe there will be times when you are awaiting a special order and it will be delivered after hours. If so, as the owner of the company, that doesn't mean that you are the person who always has to appear at the scene. 

Think of your most trusted employees and make sure they are the only ones who have full access to your office and to the warehouse. Keep a sign-up sheet that shows when anybody has entered the property.