Why Paint Your Wooden Fence Beyond Aesthetics?

1 December 2020
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If you want to make your wooden fence last longer, you can have it stained or painted. Painting your fence by hiring a fence painting contractor does more than just make it look unique and beautiful, it can actually help your fence last longer as well by protecting the wood.

Here are reasons to paint your fence beyond the aesthetics. Your painting contractor can quote you an estimate for your fence painting project based on the type and amount of paint you need, how much fence you have for painting, and whatever prep work needs to be done on your fence before they can start work. An average price for painting a fence is between $1 and $2.50 per square foot, which differs from a linear foot in cost and application area.

You protect your fence against rotting and bugs

When you put a durable coat of paint on your wooden fence, you do your part to help protect it against bugs, rotting, and moisture. Ask your fence painting contractor to show you varieties of paint for your fence that will be resistant to sun fading, moisture, stains, and more. This way, you have a paint job that will look great longer and will also keep out the wetness and insects that can otherwise wear your fence out.

You can also consider staining or varnishing your wooden fence if you want to only paint the interior of the fence and stain the exterior, or vice versa. Speak to your fence painting specialist about your paint and other fence maintenance options to keep the bugs and moisture out of your wooden fence.

You make your fence easier to keep clean

When you put the right finish of paint on your wooden fence, dirt and other debris will be less likely to get stuck and will make the fence easier to keep clean. You can wipe down a fence with a soft cloth or use your garden hose to remove debris and dust to keep it in great condition longer.

Ask your fence painting contractor about the best way to take care of your fence once you have it painted so the paint lasts longer. Periodic touch-ups will be necessary to help you keep your fence in its best condition. Have your fence painted as recommended by your fence painter for the best lasting results. Contact a fence painting contractor for more information.